Success Stories

Most commercial Seaside applications are intranet applications and thus can not be shown in public. There is however a small number of public applications. See also the list of open source projects.

Product Developer Description
A1 ArSol Software A business Content Management System.
Auctomatic Live Current A tool for managing your eBay business.
Caartz Caartz An online shopping list manager.
Cmsbox A systematic content management system.
DabbleDB Smallthought Systems A web database to share, manage and explore information.
Good Sex Network The Good Sex Network An online service that provides medically-based sex counseling.
Group Investment System Finworks (Pty) Ltd An administration system for group investments.
iBizLog A massive ecommerce of ecommerces.
izio Nationaal Spaarfonds An insurance application.
Opus CAICYT CONICET A conceptual reference model for the bibliographic world.
Promoter ArSol Software A search engine optimization application.
Raven Online DeepCove Labs Offers 24/7 access to electronic payment processing services.
Reserve Travel A skinnable affiliate hotel booking engine.
Run BASIC Run BASIC An web application server using the BASIC programming language.
Secure National Network US Medical Record Specialists A peer-to-peer Medical Record Network connecting doctors, patients, hospitals and insurance companies.
Stroytrast eCommerce for small businesses.
Webchod Martin Polák eCommerce system for Czech users.
Whooka Collective Intelligence An outdoor and sports platform.