This is a list of open-source extensions to Seaside maintained by community members. Also check-out the list of projects.

  • Albatross, Andrea Brühlmann, Adrian Lienhard
    Control a web browser to exercise user interaction.
  • Comet, Lukas Renggli
    Reverse the web - introduce server push into Seaside.
  • RSRSS, Philippe Marschall
    RSS feeds brought to the Seaside.
  • Scriptaculous, Lukas Renggli
    Let Seaside applications fly Web 2.0 style.
  • SeaChart, Philippe Marschall
    CSS and Javascript goodies for Seaside.
  • SeasideTesting, C. David Shaffer
    Unit test support for Seaside applications.
  • ShoreComponents, Pavel Krivanek
    A set of useful components for Seaside.