Mailing Lists

If you have questions about Seaside join our mailing list. Any Seaside-related discussion is welcome, and we try to keep replies prompt and helpful. The list is medium traffic – a few messages each day – and has somewhere around 900 members.

Seaside mailing-list

About asking questions

A lot of people are asking question and we encurage you to ask your questions as well. There are some things however we would like to point out to make the whole process as efficient as possible, for people asking and answering questions.

  1. Always state the version of Seaside/Scriptaculous you are using. Also state the platform (Squeak, Cincom Smalltalk, GemStone/S, GNU Smalltalk, Dolphin Smalltalk, ...) you are on.
  2. Provide a minimal file-out with your mail that shows your problem. It is more likely to get your question answered if the problem can be reproduced without having to copy and past code around, register the application, guess missing code to make it work, etc.
  3. Don’t write private mails to Seaside developers, they all have other things to do as well. Write to the mailing-list, unless you have a consulting contract.

In general the following article is a really nice reference on how to ask questions in a mailing-list: How To Ask Questions The Smart Way by ESR.


There are archives available. It’s also mirrored to Usenet as gmane.comp.lang.smalltalk.squeak.seaside.

Developer Mailing Lists

For those involved in the development of Seaside itself there are several available lists.

seaside-devDiscussion list for core developers, committers, and portersLow
issues Updates from the Seaside issue trackerMedium
commitsNotification of commits to Seaside repositoryHigh