Seaside 2.6 to 2.7


  • every component that uses the old default WAHtmlBuilder must do so explicity by returning it in #rendererClass
  • evaluate WADispatcher resetAll
  • use WATagBrush >> #title: instead of WATagBrush >> #tooltip:
  • move to new image map api, check all senders of #imageMap, see WAImageMapTag for details


  • move to new header api, modify implementors of #updateRoot:
  • remove the implemtors of #rendererClass that return WAHtmlCanvas
  • migrate to WAHtmlCanvas
  • migrate from WAScriptLibrary and WAStyleLibrary to WAFileLibrary (check class comment of WAFileLibrary)
  • use WAAnchorTag >> #with: instead of WAAnchorTag >> #text:
  • check for deprecated message sends
  • use #heading:level: instead of #heading:;level:
  • replace users of WAChangePassword, WAEditDialog, WAEmailConfirmation, WAGridDialog, WALoginDialog, WANoteDialog