A Walk on the Seaside

A Walk on the Seaside is an introductory tutorial to Seaside. It leads a new user through installing Seaside, describes Seaside’s basic concepts, and demonstrates the Seaside development environment. It is recommended reading for anyone interested in Seaside.

Pharo by Example

If you are not only unfamiliar with Seaside but also with Smalltalk we recommend the free book Pharo by Example. It’s a nice introduction to Pharo with a lot of examples.

Dynamic Web Development with Seaside

The free online book Dynamic Web Development with Seaside describes Seaside in great detail. It is written in collaboration by a number of key authors.


Seaside Tutorial

This tutorial was produced by the Software Architecture Group at the Hasso-Plattner-Institut (University of Potsdam). In ten chapters it describes step by step the development of a ToDo-application and thereby demonstrate the main parts of the sophisticated web framework Seaside.


Learning Web Development with Seaside

This tutorial was produced by James Foster of Gemstone. In sixteen chapters he describes how to develop a Seaside application and makes clear how the framework adresses the various web architecture challenges. It starts out with the (squeak) seaside one-click experience and ends up using Gemstone as a transparent persistence solution.